BanyanPro Projects based assessment supports Full-Stack skills.

Around the world, Information technology (IT) companies realized the need for having full stack developers to deliver projects in an agile environment. Every companies, either startup or big corporate is hiring a Fullstack developers, in this talent war startup companies are eating up the full stack talent which makes difficult for big corporates to meet the business talent demand.

Who is Full stack developer?

In simple terms, “The person who can gather requirement, design, code, test and deploy a given requirement”. This talent was existing with everyone who started career prior to year 2000. Unfortunately, IT industry for efficiency & scaling purpose devised a horizontal solution which caused skills disintegration. After horizontal movement, dedicated Designer was born, Developer was born, Tester was born, infra engineer was born, etc.

It is a full cycle and now companies are looking all the skills in one person now after a two decade. In the last twenty year, there were many tools and process where developed in the software development life cycle.

Why do we need a full stack developer?

  1. Full stack developer is aware of each and every application layer, which helps them to run the application smoothly and debug the application faster.
  2. Full stack developer greatly reduces the technical cost and the time taken to complete a project.
  3. Full stack developer can play different roles like front end development, database development and application development.
    This give an enormous flexibilty for the company as well as the project, the developer is working in.

These are the benifits of full stack developer.

Key competencies

We have consulted with our industry partners and individual architects to derive the following key Fullstack competencies that need to be measured before making a hiring offer / certifying a person as a Fullstack developer,

  1. Able to design and develop a user interface layer using front end technologies.
  2. Able to write a business logic using a programming language / Consume API’s
  3. Able to interact with a database for manipulating data based on business rules.
  4. Able to comprehend the process and work with tools available to deliver the project (Basic Devops competency)

Based on the proficiency level (Beginner, Practioner, Expert and Guru) the complexity of the use cases will be configured to validate.

BanyanPro - Scalable solution

Since every company was focusing on upskilling or reskilling the existing workforce to this new demand of Fullstack capability, we realized the need for technological solution for assessing or certifying people in an integrated way is the most realistic approch to bring out the full stack capability from the potential candidate or employee.

With BanyanPro integrated assessment now you can assess people from all the layers perspective, User interface, Business layer, Data layer and ancillary skills. You can define what attribute you want to see in the report and configure the same in the platform.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to improve candidate experience

BanyanPro comes with an integrated editor to give candidates a real time experience when they write code during hiring or certification process. BanyanPro comes with features that are easy to configure projects to assess people in scale.

Banyanpro - Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Strength Finder Report

BanyanPro strength finder reports provides rich insights on candidate profile where he stands good and where he need improvement.

Banyanpro - Full stack assessment report

What next?

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