Attitude To Code

As a candidate, what kind of attitude I should carry while going for a technical interview drive?

We observed thousands of experienced (5+ years) candidate’s behaviors towards technical interview drives. What we have seen, 90% of the candidate was comfortable in attending a multiple choice-based questions rather a coding question.

Candidate thought was why should I write a program, you have called me only for face to face technical interview.

Hello candidate,
The recruitment scenarios has been changed in last three years, there are platforms out into market which will assess you at scale and build a profile of your innate abilities. Keep your supervision skills aside and get super used to write code.

Recruiters no longer depend on a subject matter expert to carry out a technical interview, he can simply invite you for a technical test, then system perform an automatic evaluation. In a single click recruiter will get an insight about you and makes hiring decision.

Single most character is expected by most of the companies which hire candidates for full filling technical position is based on how much Appetite to code you have.

So, what should you be comfortable with, Keep in mind the below 3 things?

Before stepping into a technical interview drive, practice programming challenges in a platform like BanyanPro – a cloud-based coding platform.

This is to make sure you are familiar with the platforms and how it behaves. Though you are an expert in programming, when it comes to an assessment environment you are performing in a stage, psychologically we are conditioned to get nervous and there may be chance to miss out few thought processes.

So, familiarize with the coding platforms.

The challenge statements. Read through well, understand what business conditions have been asked to apply. Most of the time the challenge statement looks familiar but there will be always a catch on implementing business conditions.

Ensure you are implementing the business scenarios correctly and handling all events by anticipating the worst.

Submit your solutions promptly. Most of the platform capture your code as it is, however if you are not even bother to submit the solution for a single time, it also gets recorded in the profile report and shows your attitude towards being present in the interview.

Show the recruiter that you can code and debug, analyze and find out issues in short time duration, that’s going to fetch you a DREAM JOB.

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